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Thomasina Fisk
Yoga Instructor & Sound Facilitator

Thomasina is a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Women Studies and is practiced in various forms of music and wellness modalities.  She is called to the power of yoga and sound meditation through personal experience and training with the instruments.  


She holds space for her yoga students in Marine on St. Croix, MN.  Her teaching style focuses on the breath and quieting the mind.  Through gentle cuing she suggests that the practitioner hold the pose long enough to fully experience it in their body and connect with the breath. She incorporates sound as a tool to bring the listener to a place where the body is relaxed and the mind is still.


She has come to understand that this is the place where we are able to make a more authentic connection with our true selves.

Bob Fisk
Sound and Meditation Facilitator

Bob has been a musician and sound enthusiast for over 30 years.  He studied Philosophy and Psychology and has a passion for helping people come alive.  

He shares his knowledge about sound meditation and other psycho-spiritual development practices in workshops and private sessions around the Twin Cities area.  

His teaching style focuses on working with attention and coaching practitioners to listen judiciously with an open curiosity.  This technique has helped people experience a reprieve from the busy mind.  It can can free up repressed emotions and unconscious material leaving practitioners feeling a greater sense of wholeness and purpose. 


When he is not playing an instrument, Bob enjoys raising the children that he and Thomasina have brought into the world.