What is the

Waking Life Practicum?

We've been passionate about learning how to keep ourselves engaged and present in our daily lives.  For so many of us, it is easy to grow dull and disconnected as we go through our daily routines.  Over time this creates a pattern of feeling disengaged from ourselves and the world around us. 

The Waking life practicum is a series of our favorite and most effective techniques for shaking loose the dust and bringing us back into more immediate contact with the present moment.  

We know that creating new habits takes commitment and that if we try to change too much all at once we usually don't end up with anything that lasts.  That's why we have made the Waking Life Practicum so simple. 


After a little bit of instruction, we invite you to join us for about 10 minutes each day.  In that time you will perform one of several techniques for "waking up" out of your old patterns.  These are a very practical and simple practices that just involve you working with your breath, your body, and your attention.  

After each session you will notice feeling a bit more clear, focused and "awake" in your body.  It is a great way to start your day!  And each time, you will find that the clarity and presence lasts a bit longer, goes a bit farther.  

We are here to coach you through, keep you accountable, and cheer you on as we go. 

Give one of the practice videos a try below.  There is no cost to you when you create an account.  See how it makes you feel.  Come back and use the video as often as you'd like!  

When you are ready for deeper instruction we have 2 options for you. 

1. Waking Life Practicum Workshop - A pre-recorded series of information and follow-along videos that walk you through an entire month of daily practice.  

2. Personalized Instruction - If you are ready to really take your life to the next level and feel engaged and alive, this is for you.  We will meet with you live online each week, 1 on 1, to hear your your story and where you are at.  Then, we will currate a specific set of tools you can use to focus on your specific goals and needs.  Self empowerment and confidence? Depression or Anxiety? Pain in the body? 

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!